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What Do I Need to Know About Camping Gear?


There are thousands and thousands of dollars that can be spent on buying camping gear. The first question one must consider is what type of camping you are going to doing. If you plan on going on one trip each year, for a few days the camping gear that you need varies considerably from those who are intending on going ...

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Camping Gear For Comfort and Convenience


Camping is one of the best recreational outdoor activities in the world. Camping, which became popular in the early twentieth century, include a variety of activities. Survivalist campers challenge the wilderness with little more than the clothes they have on their backs. Recreational campers, on the other hand, set off with equipment that can provide electricity, heat, and comfort. Camping ...

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Camping Gear – Happy Camping Guide

Camping Gear – Happy Camping Guide

“Camping Gear” is part of a serial publication that is supposed to give you a better understanding of camping. It is not until you go camping for the first time that you fully realise the importance of a complete camping gear. The equipment as such is shared out in several categories ranging from the fundamentals necessary for any outdoor travel ...

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Selecting Camping Gear


Going camping is a wonderful adventure that most of us want to experience once in our lifetime. That is why when preparing our camping gear we must first make a list of the necessary items we will need for the camping trip. Many times we will forget the necessary gear we need because we choose not to be organized and ...

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What Camping Gear Do You Need?


If there is one activity where it’s vitally important to plan how much you pack and what you pack, it’s camping. Packing too much is a common mistake campers make, as it means more to carry, sometimes long distances to a camp site or on hiking expeditions. The golden rule when planning a camping expedition is making sure that your ...

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Keeping Warm Or Cool With Camping Equipment


Retaining warmth is important on camping trips, particularly if the climate is milder than tropical climates. Even in many deserts along the equator as well as elsewhere, it can become extremely cold overnight. Bearing this in mind, camping equipment is often manufactured with the science and technology of retaining heat in mind. Socks may be considered “camping equipment” given their ...

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Some Examples Of Outdoor Camping Equipment


It is important to have the right outdoor camping equipment. People put together camping lists, so they are prepared, and have the best time camping. This is a good idea, because if you don’t plan your trip right, you are going to end up miserable and may have to cut your adventure short. This also means not only remembering things ...

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On Camping Equipment and Etiquette


Thus, preparation for a camping activity is not just about equipment. It’s also about being fully informed of the nature of the activity before actually going into it. This includes being aware of what your surroundings will be like during the activity and what activities you’ll be engaging in as part of the camping experience. It also includes knowing the ...

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Checking and Restoring Your Camping Equipment


When it comes to camping equipment, governments have been stockpiling their equipment since the world wars. As a result, they occasionally clear out some of their inventory by having army surplus sales or selling their product to wholesalers who then sell them to others. A popular item is a tent, as you need a tent in order to go camping. ...

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List of Essential Camping Equipment


Camping veterans knew camping convenience is equal to great camping experience. Most of them learned this unspoken rule through forgettable experiences, which is why essential equipment and good planning are necessary. A well prepared camper is better-off in the woods, which is short of saying that camping in pop-up campers or truck campers are better than coming-in less prepared. Here ...

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