Deer Hunting Tips

A majority of hunters got their experience the hard way, via trial and error, but with the help of the internet and informational sites, I think it would be easier to get Online Deer Hunting Tips and advice, so let me tell you some of what I have learned through 10 years of practice. I’ll tell you first about their nature and behaviors.

It is known that Deer are crepuscular creature, as they are mostly active at dawn and dusk and tending to sleep during the middle of the day and night, however, that does not mean that you cannot see them feeding during the middle of the day.

Deer also have an excellent sense of smell, as they can differentiate scents very well. If deer smells anything out of the ordinary they will become extremely alerted and start searching for a way out of the area. So it’s very important to use special products to hide your scent.

Deer calls are one of the most important things you should learn about. It could be an aid to improve your success in hunting White Tail Deer, or it could cause failure. You should also be very careful in blind calling, when no deer are visible. You can use a grunt tube, which is a basic tool in deer calling, for trying to reproduce a communication sound all deer make. Also a doe bleat is a communication call for the whitetail deer.

There is a piece you should pick carefully to match your need, which is a tree stand. It provides you with a higher perspective of surroundings. It keeps you higher than a whitetails direct line of sight and gives another advantage while you are attempting to keep your scent from being discovered by their all powerful noses.

There are many kinds of stands such as Ladder Stands, Climbing Stands, Hang-On Stands, and other types. You should also remain still, and try not to move unless absolutely necessary, but take care and do not fall asleep. This can be tricky when you remain so still for long time, but falling asleep not only will cause you to lose your deer, but it can also be quite dangerous if you are up in a tree stand.